Sessions and Fees


Insight session (about an hour of table time): this session includes a full-body check-in with time enough to focus on a specific area – such as back, neck, and shoulders – or perhaps a recent injury and rehabilitation.  I have a keen eye and feel for the loadings and spirals of the body, along with the ability to translate my insight to you, and evoke insight for you.   I will invariably use a variety of subtle to deep techniques, such as postural  integration, sports massage, trigger point, craniosacral and myofascial work, skilled and precise, deep to very-deep tissue bodywork for those troubled areas, tied together with flowing Esalen® massage .

Insight ~ clothed, full-body, ‘de-compression’ ~ session (about an hour of table time): this is an Insight session, without the disrobing or much oil.  Working through clothing, this is perfect for warming up or warming down, pre-event sports massage, or just letting go and dropping into stillness.  I’ll use rocking and compression, deep shiatsu and myofascial unwinding, mobilisation and stretching techniques to work with both the connective tissue layers that give you shape and form, as well as aspects of nervous system function that set baselines of tension in the body.

Integrative session (about 1.5 hours of table time): the ‘typical’ session in this practice, it includes a focused full-body check-in and full-body oil massage.  Plenty of time to pinpoint specific structures and areas of tension, uncover relationships, and integrate all into a complete whole – a ritualistic, yet bespoke, precise and thorough Integrative Bodywork experience.  Recommended.img_1012

Deep Integration session (2 hours + of table time): this session is for all lovers and connoisseurs of massage and  bodywork.  Enjoy a journey through an array of modes and modalities: deep shiatsu, myofascial, and cranio-sacral work, deep mobalisation and stretching techniques… Travel through the nervous system and energy anatomy – your own intra-net and area networks.  Plenty of space and lots of time to enter timelessness – therapeutic and deeply integrative…


“The art of medicine consists in amusing the patient
while nature cures the disease.”
~ Voltaire (1694 – 1778)


Deep Integration ~ Deep Lymphatic Therapy session (2 hours +of table time): based on the work of Dr. Tano Lucero, this approach to Deep Lymphatic Therapy supports your immune system’s ability to eliminate foreign bodies and chemical toxins from the body. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Roughly 5 litres of blood are pumped powerfully by the heart, while about 40 litres of lymphatic fluid – the sewerage system of the body – rely on movement to flow. Deep Lymphatic Therapy works directly with the lymphatic system using slow, rhythmic, gentle, yet deep hands-on movements in specific patterns of flow to remove blockages and support immune defense. Longer individual sessions (2.5-3 hours), are available by request.

As part of an holistic bodywork session, there is always time to check-in before and feedback after a session, as desired.  I invite you to get in contact by phone or email with any questions or concerns that may come up after a session.

Day (5 hrs, then by the hour, + any travel): the day is yours!  Have any combination of table or chair massage sessions for you, your friends, and relations in a warm room at yours.  As far as clients, I have worked with all manner of shapes and sizes, ages, sexes, ailments, and conditions.  I do subtle energy work to flowing massage, compression and point work to deep soft tissue manipulation.  The Day rate is for the first 5 hours, then by the hour if you like.  Happy to do 30min – 2.5hr table sessions, or 30-45min chair sessions, plus a bit of consultation time for each person… or have a day-long massage for one!  🙂

Chair Massage ~ clothed sessions: are available by the day in your home or workplace, or at your event.  (I charge you my day rate, plus travel, and you charge your guests whatever you wish per 30-45 minute session!)

4323309Tuition (by the hour and the day) From day one of my initial intensive massage training in California, I was hooked.  As soon as I could, I began assisting and then leading introductory massage classes, full professional training courses, and continuing professional development. 4323429 Since moving to the UK in 2005, I have assisted MTI professional training in order to better understand the training standards and professional culture here.  More recently, I have developed my own Cosmic Bodies curriculum and approach to bodywork education.  Benefit from many years of extensive training, professional practice, and teaching experience.  My intention is to impart an effective and fun elemental approach to bodywork and to help you go more deeply into your own practice, whether you are a full-time, professional practitioner or a weekend enthusiast of massage and bodywork.  I might have a few fancy moves to show you along the way.


Bespoke gift vouchers available by email.


Clients have said: 


“It is ‘hypnotism’ for the body.”

“I felt a sense of ‘active relaxation, versus collapsing into bed and not really resting.”

“Ayres, banana! What a fab treatment. Have been waiting many years for your level of work.” 

“I have to say, your treatment is probably about as close to the womb as I think I’ll ever get in this lifetime!” 

“The best massage I’ve ever had… that was real bodywork.” 

“That wasn’t a massage. That was an experience.” 

“I felt challenged and met… and truly held.”

“I trust you totally.”



Current Fees

Fee Table

I accept payment by cash or bank transfer.  Fees for sessions at Neal’s Yard, Bath can be paid directly to me, or by debit/credit card at the desk.

Home visits are available in some areas.

Concession rates are available for those in need.

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The Work – presence, love, enjoyment, gratitude, and the application of my skills – is always free!  I gratefully accept payment for my time.

Thank you for joining me in this profound and delightful practice.